Creative Team

Angie Crawford - Angie created the web series and provides the voice of Mr. Mouse. She also writes, directs and co-produces all of the episodes.
Follow Angie on Twitter @purpleskull1.

Margarita Witherspoon - Margarita created all of the stuffed animals and instruments. She also manufactures most of the props and flats.

Billy Towers - Plays Oscar

Irina Kompa - Plays Feliska

Timmie Lee Phillips - Plays Nubert

Kelie McIver - Plays Padmani

Marco Barba - Plays Alex

Amy Berrian - Plays Lily

Chelsea Switzer - Plays Sally

Ryan Barr - Plays Sam

Irina - Plays Feliska

Linda LoPorto - Plays Effie

John Huldt - Plays Barnaby

Director of Photography - Andrea González Mereles

Editor & Visual Effects - Daniel J. Pico

Composer - John Huldt

Composer - Art Geezar

Assistant Director - Sheree Groves

Photographer - Thaïs Castrale

Photographer - Ashley T. Hughes

Carpentry - Owl Creek

Sound Design - Thomas Corkran

Website - Part Time Website, Inc.

Logos - Justin Sadur

Marketing Director - Marco Barba

Legal - Megan Galizia, Eric Feig Entertainment & Media Law, Inc.

© 2011-2017 Purple Skull Productions

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