Meet the Characters

The Characters at Mr. Mouse & Associates

The following characters all work at the detective agency:

Mr. Mouse

Owner & Lead Detective

Quote from Mr. Mouse: “I’m very good at what I do.”

Mr. Mouse is a sweet critter who loves his job. His agency, Mr. Mouse & Associates, is located in Santa Angeles, California.

Mr. Mouse was born in Wisconsin and moved to Santa Angeles when he was in high school. He loves sports, especially football (“Go Packers!”), and considers himself a Cheesehead. He attends many sporting events and has viewing parties for many games at his condo.

Mr. Mouse used to be a detective with the Santa Angeles Police Department, but retired to form his own agency. Business has been good and steady, so he needs Oscar and Feliska to help him with his workload.

Mr. Mouse’s birthday is on November 25. He’s brought to life by Angie Crawford.

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Quote from Mr. Mouse: “Don’t mess with the pig.”

Oscar is as tough as they come and is the muscle of the organization. He rides around on his motorcycle, and he frequently refers to his bike. If he could, he’d ride all day long either by himself, with Alex, with his fellow Pigs of Anarchy or with anyone who appreciates bikes as much as he does. He recently restored his prized possession -- a World War II-era motorcycle with sidecar. He takes out this bike when he needs to give Mr. Mouse a lift somewhere.

Oscar was adopted by Mr. Mouse’s parents when he was a piglet. He worked as the manager of a moving company before joining his big brother at the agency.

Oscar’s birthday is April 11. He’s brought to life by Billy Towers.

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Quote from Mr. Mouse: “She’s really sweet, but don’t make her angry or she’ll stick her fangs in you!”

Feliska is a sophisticated vampire bat. She’s originally from Croatia, but now lives in Santa Angeles. (“I greatly enjoy the weather.”) She once hired Mr. Mouse, but now works for him.

Feliska is a very thorough, methodical detective. She’s Mr. Mouse’s main researcher and can comb through piles of old books or various Internet sites with equal ease and always manages to turn up interesting facts. When interrogating someone, whether it be friend or foe, one look at her fangs, and animals give her whatever information she wants.

Before flying / moving to America, Feliska ran an antiques shop in Croatia. Her knowledge of historical artifacts is invaluable to Mr. Mouse.

Feliska’s birthday is September 28. She’s brought to life by Irina Kompa.

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Office Manager

Quote from Mr. Mouse: “I couldn’t run the agency without her.”

Effie is a mother figure at the agency. She ensures things run smoothly and holds down the fort while the detectives are in the field. She also takes care of all of the bookkeeping and all other duties related to the administrative side of the agency. (“Lunch, anyone?”) She loves being a surrogate mother to everyone and will whip up a batch of cookies for any occasion. However, being a polar bear, she tends to turn the air conditioning on a little too high, which really annoys Oscar.

Effie used to work for a security company. When her former boss retired, he recommended her to Mr. Mouse, a fellow detective from their police department days.

Effie’s birthday is April 27. She’s brought to life by Linda LoPorto.

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The Characters at the Santa Angeles Tower

Nubert owns the Santa Angeles Tower. His office is the penthouse, and Barnaby’s CPA firm is on the 4th Floor. There’s a secret elevator that runs between the two companies, thereby allowing the two animals to travel to each other’s offices without detection.


Owner & CEO of Elite Civic Technologies

Quote from Mr. Mouse: “I can’t stand him! And I know he’s shady!!”

Nubert is a genius. In college, he developed new computer programming techniques that ultimately taught his professors a thing or two. After graduation, he started his own company, which has been growing steadily ever since. He specializes in designing software for police and fire departments, and the City of Santa Angeles is one of his clients. He’s written innovative code for encrypted email and is always creating cutting-edge software and apps. He also gives large sums of money and lends his name to various non-profit organizations and charities. In short, he’s a highly respected member of the community.

But Mr. Mouse doesn’t buy any of it. The two animals went to high school together, and Mr. Mouse clearly remembers the pranks and stunts Nubert pulled -- and how he blamed others for his misdeeds. Other animals believe Nubert’s mischief is behind him. Mr. Mouse doesn’t think so.

In reality, Mr. Mouse is right. Nubert has his paws in all sorts of illegal activities, including money laundering and loan sharking. The bottom line is Mr. Mouse knows Nubert is a bad guy, but he hasn’t found the evidence yet to prove it. Nubert won't make a move without consulting his horoscope, so Mr. Mouse hopes he can catch him on a "bad" day.

Nubert’s birthday is January 14. He’s brought to life by Timmie Lee Phillips.

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Sally & Sam

Nubert’s Muscle & Errand Boy

Quote from Mr. Mouse: “Sam is harmless, but watch out for Sally!”

Sally and Sam are twins that work out of Nubert’s office. Sam is two minutes older, but Sally runs the show. She’s tough and nasty and likes intimidating animals. Sam likes romping in the meadow and smelling flowers.

Nubert values Sally. She follows orders without question, but can still think on her feet if she needs to. Sam isn’t privy to all of Nubert’s activities and isn’t given a lot of responsibility. He doesn’t realize this and feels he’s an important part of the team. Nubert uses a lot of polysyllabic words, so Sam doesn’t always catch on to the conversation.

Nubert’s mentor was the twins’ father. When he died, Nubert watched out for the kids and eventually integrated them into his business.

Sally’s and Sam’s birthday is May 24. Sally is brought to life by Chelsea Switzer, and Sam is brought to life by Ryan Barr.

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CPA at Carry the One (Front for Nubert’s Activities)

Quote from Mr. Mouse: “She can count, but I don’t like the way things add up!”

Although Bernice has numerous clients who run honest businesses, the bulk of her money comes from Nubert. Originally, Nubert hired her for some standard bookkeeping, but that quickly involved into more complex, illegal activities. Bernice would like to permanently hop away from Nubert, but feels she’s in way too deep. Yet, she’s a bit of a miser and loves rolling in dough. She's boy crazy, so she covers up her shady business practices by throwing the focus to any cute boy in the vicinity.

After working for several years for a large accounting firm, Bernice invested some lottery winnings in a practice of her own.

Bernice’s birthday is November 4. She’s brought to life by Tyler Monarch.

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Additional Characters

The following characters are integral to Mr. Mouse’s personal and professional life.


Mr. Mouse’s Girlfriend & Concierge at Indulgence by the Sea Hotel

Quote from Mr. Mouse: “Lily… (Sigh…)”

Lily is a sweet elephant with a cute giggle. Even though she’s lived in Santa Angeles for years, she’s never quite lost her southern accent.

Lily is really into fashion, which rather annoys Mr. Mouse, and she’s always shopping for the latest styles. (“I need to look good for my job, Sugar.”)

Her demeanor is perfect for her gig as a hotel concierge, and she likes to put smiles on everyone’s faces. She really lights up a room when she walks in.

Lily hired Mr. Mouse to find her family’s ark, and they immediately hit it off. She’s a little lovey-dovey, which Mr. Mouse adores, but it drives Oscar crazy.

Lily’s birthday is October 16. She’s brought to life by Amy Berrian.

Follow Lily on Twitter @Lily_theLover.


Mr. Mouse’s & Oscar’s Friend & Owner of the Mane Street Deli

Quote from Mr. Mouse: “Alex is such a role model.”

Alex is a tough lion who’s always there for anyone who needs him. He works hard and is a proud American.

Alex’s small restaurant is the neighborhood hangout. The locals go not only for the food, but to hear Alex’s latest philosophy on current affairs. He’s a straight-forward kind of guy who will tell you he doesn’t like your shirt, but will then give you the one off his back. (“Put this on. The chicks’ll dig it.”)

During the rare moments he actually takes some time off, Alex likes to hop on his motorcycle and ride with Oscar down PCH -- the Pacific Coast Highway.

Alex is a former Navy SEAL who is a staunch supporter of our Armed Forces. (He even gives discounts to service animals.) His deli is around the corner from Mr. Mouse’s office. One day, Mr. Mouse and Oscar walked in for lunch, and they’ve been friends ever since. Mr. Mouse really looks up to Alex and is proud to call him a friend.

Alex’s birthday is August 14. He’s brought to life by Marco Barba.


Mr. Mouse’s & Oscar’s Friend & Manager of the Alchemy Trading Emporium, a secondhand store

Quote from Mr. Mouse: “She’s a little goofy, but yet one of the wisest animals I know.”

Padmani is a spiritual chicken that lives in her own world. She’s into meditating and believes everyone in the Universe is connected. She frequently refers to “the stars” and gets direction from them. (She even does Astrology Readings and prepares Natal Charts, “while you wait.”) Her theories might seem a little fruity, but yet somehow, they make perfect sense.

Padmani has managed the Alchemy for years, and Mr. Mouse and Oscar frequently buy their disguises from her store. During a renovation of his deli, Alex asked Padmani to find some classic Armed Forces posters for him. Mr. Mouse and Oscar helped with the renovation and met Padmani during the decorating phase.

Padmani’s birthday is June 9. She’s brought to life by Kelie McIver.

Follow Padmani on Twitter @Padmani_theSeer.

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