MouseTrap plays at Southern California bars. Since Mr. Mouse and Oscar don’t want their anonymity compromised, they wear disguises on stage and use stage names.

The band loves playing locally, and they don’t have any interest in becoming famous or going on the road. Their day jobs define them and are what they really want to do for a living. Music is their hobby, and they’re thrilled to entertain local fans at small venues.

Mr. Mouse Private Eye


Lead Singer & Guitar Player

MM is the frontman. He rocks with the best of them, but yet still in his own Mousian way.

Favorite Bands: KISS and Papa Roach

Mr. Mouse Private Eye


Lead Guitarist & Keyboard Player

Padmani shreds on guitar and pounds the keys. She rocks as only a chicken can.

Favorite Bands: Styx and Queen.

Mr. Mouse Private Eye


Bass Player

Alex is a hard-driving bass player. He fuels MouseTrap’s rockin’ sound.

Favorite Bands: Stone Sour and Breaking Benjamin.

Mr. Mouse Private Eye



Snout kicks on the drums. He really lets loose on stage.

Favorite Bands: Five Finger Death Punch and Disturbed.

Music Video

Check out the band's music video
"We Are MouseTrap"!

Contact Management

Mr. Mouse Private Eye


Band Manager

Feliska is a great manager. Having traveled all around the world, she’d love for the band to go on tour. However, they’re not interested in leaving their day jobs, so Feliska focuses on ensuring the local gigs run smoothly.

Favorite Bands: HIM and Within Temptation.

Follow on Twitter: @Feliska_theRock